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Entry to digital photography

Welcome to my first post at CC's Photography. I hope to share my journey in this wonderful world of photography as we go along.

My entry to photography happened in August 1985 during one of my uncle's wedding. It was some point and shoot Yashica. After a few years I was allowed to use my dad's Asahi Pentax which was all manual. Still remember my dad teaching me the focusing technique of how the image should be clear in the small circle in the middle. Of course had no clue what aperture did except that it made the images darker or brighter. After many many washouts and dark images somewhere along the line I started to take some reasonable images. I used the Pentax until 1999 when I bought my first SLR - a Nikon FM 10. A couple of years with that camera during my initial years in Portland, Oregon. What a beautiful city for photography!!

I was always a slow adopter to technology. When digital cameras came into play I had a few point and shoot models - Canon Powershot, Panasonic etc., but never felt like I was going anywhere with it. That was when I had a gap in my photography adventures - a long one from about 2003 to 2013. It was in later part of 2013 when I got my first DSLR a Nikon D7000 with the 18-105mm kit lens. I was pretty thrilled to see the

sharpness and clarity that came from the kit lens that I couldn't observe in my point and shoots. Here's one of my initial images that I took of Nandha using my D7000. While I had some idea on how to control the ISO, shutter speed and aperture I was pretty much using it as a glorified point and shoot for many years. Slowly over the years I started realising the shortfalls of my D7000 and kit lens. Fast forward another 6 years I eventually got my first full frame DSLR - Nikon D750 with a bunch of lenses to suit my varied interests.

Feel free to follow me here to where I would be rambling and sharing my journey in this wonderful world of capturing various forms of light.


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